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What Harm Does Long-term Use Energy-saving Lamp Cause?

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Now the society has developed, people go to the market for the lights, the ceiling lamps, and the table lamps, most of which are energy saving lamps. But recently some people say that the long-term use of energy saving lights can cause serious eye disease, is this a real problem? In fact, a research report shows that long term use of energy saving lamps does increase the risk of damage to the retina and can cause serious eye diseases. Here is the reason for you.


The energy saving lamp contains mercury. After long term heating, it will release high energy ultraviolet. Then the energy saving lamp will shine when people receive energy, and people will also be lighting. But if people's eyes are in such strong light for a long time, they will increase the risk of retinal damage as long as they are in the sun. If the situation is serious, there will be eye diseases such as cataract.


Then someone will ask, since the energy saving lights so much harm, then it should be used back to the traditional incandescent lamps do not use energy saving lights.


In fact, the traditional incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamp have certain advantages and disadvantages. The incandescent lamp has a lot of heat and energy, and it usually doesn't work out for a long time. But the light of the incandescent lamp is softer and closer to the sun, which is beneficial to the people's vision. Then the energy saving lamp has a long life, and it produces less heat and less energy, but the energy saving lamp can easily get the retina damaged.


In fact, there are some shortcomings in some aspects of energy saving lamps, but people can not use energy saving lamps to cause great damage to the human body. Because the ultraviolet light is not completely bad to the human body, it can also be effective. Only when the energy saving lamp is used for a long time, or the energy saving lamp with relatively high energy will cause greater damage to the human body. Under normal circumstances, the intensity of the energy-saving lamp is not very high, resulting in less ultraviolet radiation and less damage to the human body.


In fact, some people think that the energy saving lamp starts to flicker, compared with the ordinary incandescent lamp, it is very bad for the vision. What needs to be clear is that as long as the bulbs purchased are produced by regular manufacturers, and the lamps that are also checked by regular channels, there will be no excessive ultraviolet radiation or frequent flicker. Therefore, people can also choose LED energy-saving lamps.


Compared to the South white spectrum of the energy saving lamp and the soft yellow light of the incandescent lamp, the LED energy saving lamp is more favorable to the vision. The light of LED energy saving lamp is yellow, and people can adjust what color lights through the adaptation of their eyes. In general, they are light yellow energy saving lamps, so that they can protect eyes or save energy.

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