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What Are Heat Lamps

- Jan 18, 2018 -

Heat lamps are incandescent bulbs which have been designed to produce radiation in the infraredarea of the spectrum, generating more heat than visible light. Often, the design of the lamp may include a red filter which is designed to cut down on the emission of visible light even more. These lamps are used in a wide variety of settings, and they come in a number of different styles.

The power used by a heat lamp can vary. Since the bulb is designed to get very hot, some special design considerations are involved. Plastic parts are usually not present on the lamp because they could melt, and the fixtures used with such lights also should not contain plastic. The lamp may also come with a metal cage or shield which will prevent accidental contact with the hot bulb, and a reflecting shield which directs the heat radiated from the back of the bulb, making the lamp more efficient.

One of the classic uses of heat lamps is in animal husbandry. Reptiles may be kept with these lamps so that they stay warm, and they are also used to keep baby animals from chicks to lambs warm. In very cold climates, a farmer may use a heat lamp to create an area of warmth in a barn or shed so that animals can stay warm.

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