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The Access Requirments Of Domestic LED Lighting Products Export To North American Market

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Recently, north American market released the requirment of China's  LED lighting product export to their market.

It is understood that LED lighting products in China account for the largest proportion of the world, LED lighting products export becomes the norm. The north American market is the largest in our country LED products exports, China LED products enter the exporter market regulations and market demand according to the exporter's policy is different, the production LED product standards would be different, how to comply with local regulatory requirements and market demand has become China's manufacturers focus.

In fact, the export of LED lamps in the north American market needs electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, energy efficiency and chemical testing. Recently, the north American market confirmed the relevant standards. The details are as follows:

Electrical safety test

Most of the electrical products must comply with the NRTL mark to enter the United States market, sold in Canada, or imported into Canada electrical products must be validated, test must be approved by Canadian standards committee (SCC) laboratory.

Energy efficiency test

LED lights and LED lamps have yet to be included in the us region's energy consumption requirements. California requires mobile LED lamps to meet California's specific energy requirements.

In general has six big demand standard: ENERGYSTAR energy star certification of energy efficiency and Lighting Facts Label certification of energy efficiency and energy efficiency of DLC certification, FTC energy efficiency labeling, California energy efficiency requirements, Canada testing requirements of energy efficiency.

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