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Replacing Street Lamps With LED Lights Is A Global Trend, And A One Billion Yuan Project Is Underway In Chicago

- Jan 24, 2018 -

Earlier, Chicago officials confirmed that in the next four years, 85% of the street lamps would be replaced by LED lights, making Chicago one of the largest cities in the world to turn street lights to LED.

The plan replaced 270,000 high pressure sodium lamps as a more energy-efficient and more durable LED lamp.

The plan is expected to cost $160 million (about 1 billion yuan) since last year. However, it will also generate energy costs for the Chicago Municipal Council.

LED manufacturers say that LED technology can reduce energy consumption by 60% to 80% and achieve investment returns in two or more years.

The plan also includes a smart grid that can be instructed when the lights are not working so that the residents can not report any trouble again.

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel said, "this project is win-win. It is not only one of the largest modern lighting projects in the United States, but also can reduce residents' call 311" (Note: 311 is the hotline of the Civic Service Center).

He also said: "according to the proposed project, we will provide modern, reliable and high quality lighting facilities, which will improve the quality of life of every community in Chicago."

Replacing street lamps with LED lights is a global trend, and more and more cities around the world have switched to LED to cut costs and carbon emissions.

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