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LED Lighting Competition Is Fierce, Intelligent Lighting Is A Breakthrough

- Jan 03, 2018 -

LED lighting industry into the era of cheap, small profit, so to seek a new breakthrough be LED the top priority of the enterprise, from the national level, for a long time, intelligent lighting has been the national industrial policy and energy policy to encourage the development of the field;Technically, the light dimming is easy to achieve on the LED because of the photoelectric characteristics of the LED, so the LED is more suitable for intelligent lighting.From the consumer's point of view, smart lighting is more acceptable to consumers.And from the point of market development space, although the current intelligent lighting market has not yet mature, scale effect has not been formed, the data show that in 2015 global intelligent lighting market is estimated at $1.716 billion, 2020 to $13.427 billion, its market development space is huge.

Many well-known enterprises to cross-border joint, into the intelligent lighting market, investigate its reason, mainly due to the nature of the intelligent lighting is based on the lighting system of the electronic and network, not only can realize intelligent control lighting system, realize the basic function of automatic adjustment and lighting, as well as an entrance to the Internet, thus derived more high value-added services.

It is not hard to see, the development of intelligent lighting space than traditional lighting products, market prospect is very broad, without considering the high value-added products, on the basis of only 2014-2015 intelligent lighting industry for two years will provide at least more than 60 billion yuan of additional market space.If the annual composite growth rate is 30%, the cumulative amount in five years is over 200 billion yuan.


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