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LED Lighting Can Not Only Consider Color Temperature, But Caution Is Counterproductive

- Dec 29, 2017 -

The advantages and disadvantages of leds for lighting

The advantages of LED application in lighting have its advantages and disadvantages, such as blue light, which is a cold white light, which is close to natural light and helps to concentrate, which can be applied to students' classrooms and offices.But prolonged exposure to blue light also inhibits the growth of melatonin, which affects sleep quality, the immune system, and can cause physical changes like cancer.

According to scientific research, blue light can control the amount of insulin, so if the long-term exposure to blue light in the night, can cause insulin resistance (insulin to hold) phenomenon, namely reduce, unable to control blood sugar, insulin and this phenomenon will lead to diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure.

The lighting design should not only consider color temperature

In the design of LED lighting, the spectral energy distribution and color temperature should be taken into consideration, and the color temperature is the unit of absolute temperature, which represents the spectral composition of different light sources.The color temperature of blue light falls above 5300K, which belongs to medium and high color temperature, with bright feeling.Conversely, red light, yellow light belong to warm color light, color temperature is below 3300K, let a person have warm, healthy and make person relaxed feeling, suit home to use.


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