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Incandescent Lamp, Energy Saving Lamp, Led Lamp, Which Is The Best?

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Lamps and lanterns are essential household appliances in family life. Now,lamps and lanterns on the market include incandescent lamp, energy saving lamp, LED lamp and so on. Some people think that the incandescent lamp is convenient, and it is easy to replace. Some people think that the energy saving lamp saves electricity and saves money. Others think that the LED lamp is "safe on the top". So, it seems that these three kinds of lamps and lanterns seem to have each advantages, then, who will be the best?

From the service life and the perspective of energy conservation, energy saving lamps and Led lamps are better than incandescent lamps. According to the "science and Technology Daily" reported that in the premise to achieve the same lighting effect, energy-saving lamp power consumption is low and the life is higher than the incandescent lamp, the power consumption is 1/5 of incandescent lamp, life is 6 times; according to the "Shanxi daily" reported that the brightness of the LED lamps than incandescent lamp energy saving 80%, the average life expectancy is 25 times longer than incandescent lamp.

So, in terms of energy saving lights and LED lights, which of the two is better?

According to the Yangtse Evening News, compared with the energy saving lamp and the LED lamp, the latter is more energy-saving and safer. Shi Zhaoyang, deputy director of the national semiconductor lighting product quality inspection center, said, "from the point of view of energy saving, the energy efficiency of LED lamps mainly depends on the initial light efficiency. The greater the initial optical efficiency, the more energy saving.  According to the test, the initial light effect of the LED lamp is obviously higher than the energy saving lamp, and it is more energy saving. From a safety point of view, a single LED power consumption is very low, the demand for conductive line is not high, and the phenomenon of short circuit fault caused by line aging is less, so it is more secure. However, because the LED light source and luminaries are usually together, they cannot be replaced. This means that if the ceiling lamp of LED is "strike", it can only buy Lamps and lanterns again, and its price is higher.

Since the LED lamp has so many advantages, what are the notices for consumers when they choose the LED lamp? The overseas network has made the following suggestions to everyone:

1. select and purchase lamps and lanterns with 3C certification marks. In the large store, we choose the lamps and lanterns with "three packages" and 3C certification marks.

2. when you choose to buy, three. A look at the product identification is complete, to see whether there is a trademark and the name of the factory, product specifications, rated voltage, rated frequency and rated power; two light power line is the 3C safety certification mark, the external conductor cross-sectional area should be greater than or equal to 0.75 cm; three light charged body is exposed, the light source into the holder. The finger should not touch live metal cap.

3. attention should be paid to the use of lamps and lanterns. During cleaning and maintenance, we should pay attention not to change the structure of lamps and lanterns, nor to change the components of lamps and lanterns. After cleaning and maintenance, we should install lamps and lanterns as they are, and do not leak or install the lamps and lanterns.

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