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- Dec 04, 2017 -

     Because the lamp appearance, easy installation, can increase the space of the soft atmosphere, making the romantic feeling, whether in the family decoration or in commercial lighting are very popular. With the LED lighting technology gradually mature, the shapes of LED lamp on the market, how to choose?


     LED, a standard lamp

     At present, LED downlight related standards are as follows:

     1.GB7000.201-2008 lamps and lanterns Part 2-1: special purpose fixed general lamps and lanterns

     2.GB7000.202-2008 lamps - Part 2-2: special requirements for embedded lamps and lanterns

     3.GB/T29294-2012 LED lamp performance requirements

     The three criteria above, GB7000.201 and GB7000.202 are mandatory standards, the provisions of the table of electrical and mechanical safety requirements of the basic requirements; GB/T29294 provides LED lamp specifications and light quality, light emitting efficiency classification performance.

     Two, LED downlight

     1. according to the way of installation

     From the installation, downlight can be divided into fixed or embedded installation. Fixed installation refers to the lamp fixed on the ceiling surface material, the so-called surface mounted downlights; embedded installation refers to the ceiling mounted way embedded downlight. The interior space height restrictions, most of the embedded downlight installation. Safety standard for fixed downlight GB7000.201-2008 safety standards applicable for GB7000.202-2008 embedded downlight.

     2. according to size

     According to the size of lamp can be divided into 2 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch, 3.5 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch. Household usually in 2 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch, offices, shopping malls and other general use 4 inch -8 inch downlight.

    Three, select and purchase key indicators

    1. luminaire efficiency

    Such characteristics are mainly embodied in lm/W, downlight, the higher the value that energy saving effect is better. GB/T29294 requires at least 35lm/W. At present, a lot of products can reach 70lm/W, and good products can reach more than 90lm/W.

    2. color index

    The evaluation of the object color lamp, the value for the 0-100. The greater the value, indicates that the reaction to the object color lamp is closer to the true color. The general requirement is over 80, and more than 90 shows that its color display is very good.

    3. life span

    At present, the national standard of life LED lamp is not required, through energy-saving certification product requirements for up to 30000 hours, if the lamp works 8 hours a day and can work for nearly 10 years.

    Four. Factors to choose and purchase products

    1. see if there is a 3C sign

    Downlight is included in the national mandatory product certification directory must be certified by 3C and the 3C logo affixed to the factory sales. Only products labeled with 3C indicate that the products meet the electrical and mechanical safety requirements, that is, they meet the requirements of national standard GB7000.201 or GB7000.202, and they can be used safely. The addition of 3C signs is generally printed or molded.

    2. see nameplate marking and appearance packaging

    The laws of the state and national standard of mandatory requirements should be marked with the following: LED lamp rated power, applicable to the environmental temperature, surface materials, installation of origin marking. Generally, the quality of high quality products is printed with good quality, clear identification, and the manufacturer's address, contact mode, after sale information and related certification marks.

    3. see the applicable environment conditions

    According to the information on the marked LED lamp can be resolved, the applicable conditions.

    (1) mounting surface material for lamp

    Some surface mounted or embedded downlight downlight is only suitable for the installation in the non combustible material surface, which is only suitable for installation in metal, mortar or concrete material for the surface, but not applicable to wood material surface.

    To install the lamp into the ceiling, but also to see whether there are "not covered by insulating material" symbol, and "no matter what the situation, the lamp can be heat insulation gasket or similar material covering similar warnings. Special attention should be paid to the heat insulation on the ceiling. For example, some of the cottages to insulation, in between the planks of a heat insulation layer or the insulating layer, there are a number of shopping malls, supermarkets and other insulation materials will also use noise in these places if the installation cannot downlight, choose "not covered by insulating material" symbol lamp.

    (2) application of ambient temperature

    The applicable environment temperature is given on the logo by the 3C certified product, which is generally expressed in TA. If there is no mark on the mark, the default is the ambient temperature applicable to 25 degrees C.

    4. look at the color temperature

    At present, there are two main kinds of hue, one is warm color, that is, yellow light, the other is cold, that is white light. Warm color gives people a warm feeling, suitable for hotels, hotels and bedrooms; cold color gives people a cool feeling, for office and living room lighting more.

    5. see if the light is even and soft

    The transparent glass or glass LED downlight, light will come through, if you look up will be more dazzling; using translucent matte material cover, light will be more uniform and soft, more comfortable, but will reduce the luminous efficiency of the lamp.

    6. look at performance indicators

    The main focus is on the three indexes of light effect, color rendering index and life span. Usually enterprise products or instructions given the values of several parameters, the efficiency of light bulbs in the level of 70lm/W, some enterprises do not directly show the value, but mark power and luminous flux, we use the numerical flux / power, is roughly the light efficiency level of the products; color index requirements in more than 80 the requirements of service life can reach more than 30000 hours.

    The material of the 7. panel

    It is usually made of iron, die-casting aluminum, aluminum and stainless steel. Iron is cheap, but the use time is not long; it is recommended to use die-casting aluminum, aluminum or stainless steel, the price is relatively high.

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