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With LED light fill vegetables grow fast

- Oct 20, 2017 -

   In September 16th, the 3 Pavilion of West China International Expo City, a group of booths on the grid out of several layers, planted the soil planted green vegetables. "This is the use of LED lamp light vegetables, short growth cycle and many." Booth director, Sichuan Sony light source, Limited by Share Ltd international trade division Wang Lin introduction.

   Lighting LED lamp, how can promote vegetable growth? "Plant growth depends on photosynthesis, and LED lights are used to extend plant growth time in a low cost way."." Wang Lin said, with lettuce for example, sooner or later each day to fill 3.5 hours, the original two month growth period can be shortened to 20 days to 30 days. According to cherry, strawberry and other fruits and vegetables, this lamp will also be adjusted accordingly to adapt to its spectrum.

   This kind of LED lamp can be used as an agricultural light source directly, and make the agricultural factory become a reality. The vegetables can be kept in the house through a layer of lattice, and the light source is provided by the LED lamp. It can greatly save land and realize efficient and controllable vegetable production." Wang Lin said. At present, the technology has been out of the country, in Singapore, Canada to achieve application; Shouguang, Shandong also built the use of such LED lights 600 thousand acres of greenhouse.

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