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What are the Different Types of Incandescent Light?

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Incandescent light is a form of electric illumination that uses extreme heat to produce artificial light. This type of light bulb has been widely used for over a century to light homes and entire cities. There are different types of incandescent light, and each differs in the amount of energy required and the radiance emitted.

A standard incandescent light bulb has a number of different components that make it work. When the power switch in a room is turned on, an electric current flows inside the bulb and runs through the thin wire filament inside. This filament is often made of tungsten, which is a metal resistant to high temperatures that produces bright illumination. The filament is usually covered by a thin glass bulb that keeps oxygen outside and protects the tungsten.

Tungsten halogen lamps are a type of incandescent light bulbs that often use less energy, but provide more light. These are made with a special glass that retains the heat that might be lost in standard bulbs. This allows the tungsten to use less power when heating up, and usually gives the lamp a longer life span. One drawback of halogen bulbs is that they are often more expensive than standard ones.

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