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The foil-crystal “xiuqi fan” zoom track is completely new

- Dec 18, 2017 -

  Lighting, only is the basic functional requirements of the lamp, in the modern society, the pursuit of the ultimate experience, sense of light and texture of the professional lighting field more demanding, the need to provide both art and technology of color quality illumination effect for a space, so as to enhance the quality of engineering and applied to attract users.

   Through the "light", the shops attract more visitors. The hotel creates a more comfortable environment through "light", and the art place strengthens the charm of the exhibits by "light". The zoom track spotlight, a flexible lamp, is the first choice for professional lighting applications. It can slide at any time. It can control the focal area of light by controlling the light angle and maximize the use of light, so that the display area is more three-dimensional.

   International fine commercial space lighting brand enterprise -- foil crystal lighting recently launched GD-JG15-Q series zoom track spotlights, optimized the past lamps and lanterns design concept, realized the beam angle from 10 to 70 degrees adjustable, and easy to control the track of light.


     The highlight of this zoom light track lamp is the following:

      1. with the design of thread, it is more convenient and beautiful in manual focusing.

      2. drive is built inside the track bar.

      ① Remove a huge box from the previous track, track light heavy image, the overall feeling is more beautiful and delicate;

      ② The proportion of the bracket and the lamp body is coordinated.

       ③ Generally, the driver will be placed in the lamp body on the market, so that when the power increases, the lamp body will also increase, and affect the whole lamp's life expectancy. This zoom spotlight will drive into the track bar. When the power is changed, it will not affect the change of the whole lamp.

      GD-JG15-Q uses the LED chip maker CITIZEN international, effectively improve the light efficiency, luminous flux reached 1125-1200 LM, and the color consistency of outstanding products; including 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K five color generation layers and the change of light, lighting can create a diverse environment.


      This series of zoom track lamps include three types of 15W, 20W and 30W, which can provide different power requirements.

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