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The development of LED technology and the market and application of filament LED

- Dec 25, 2017 -

     In November 13th, sponsored by OFweek China high tech industry portal, the OFweek 2017 (Fourteenth) China LED lighting industry summit held in Shenzhen was officially held in Shenzhen. In this forum, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors (China) Limited Market solid lighting division manager Feng Yaojun published "market and application progress of LED technique and filament LED keynote, introduced the latest progress of LED substrate and chip technology, market and application of filament lamp.


      After years of development, LED lighting products have penetrated into every corner of urban life, including automotive lighting, projection, security, indoor lighting, display backlight, traffic signal and other fields. At the same time, LED technology is also developing and maturing.

      Feng Yaojun believes that the development of the application has raised higher requirements for the light and quality of LED. OSRAM has substrate technology, chip technology, phosphor technology and encapsulation technology to meet the customer's application based design. On the other hand, OSRAM holds a wide range of patent portfolios in the field of optoelectronic technology, including thousands of patents and patent applications distributed throughout the photoelectric semiconductor industry chain. In addition, the 2 phase expansion project of OSRAM Wuxi packaging plant was also broken this year. With its advantages in technology, patents and capacity, OSRAM will continue to lead LED technology innovation.


     At present, in the general lighting market, the market of low - and medium - power LED light sources is slowing down, and the price reduction of products is reduced. With the improvement of technology, the cost of high power products has fallen, and the cost performance of professional lamps and lanterns is improved. In the aspect of COB, the advantages of high light and strong light continue to develop because of the design of the business photos. It is worth noting that the filament lamps have become another driving force to stimulate the growth of the LED lighting market. At present, the main production areas are in China, most of which are export markets.

     LED filament lighting efficiency and life are better than the traditional tungsten filament lamps, its shape is also more aesthetic, can bring people back to the ancient, warm feelings. OSRAM's LED filament lamp has a global patent protection, with excellent reliability, huge investment and capacity assurance, well received by the market.

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