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Still use P every day updating photos? The artist wants to turn you into a sculpture with a LED light

- Oct 16, 2017 -

Have you ever imagined turning yourself into a work of art? It's not a performance art, it's a real work of art.          

Matthew Mohr Studios from the United States is working on this, and he wants everyone to be an art device, Matthew Moore.


The project is called "We Are", a sculpture of 4.3 meters high. This sculpture is you.          

Is it me? Yes. Matthew's idea is to pile up a sculpture with a bunch of sections, and assemble 850000 LED lights to form a three-dimensional head.               


The head of the man is "you"". If you want to make yourself a work of art, then you go to the camera studio behind you, and there are 29 cameras that will capture your attitude at all angles.


Then the photos were modeled by 3D and displayed on a huge sculpture made up of LED.         


At the top of this huge sculpture is the whole device's "brain", which ensures that the artwork cloud stores 100 thousand photos.          

According to Matthew, the device will be in place for 7 to 10 years.          

Although the use of advanced technology, but as a work of art, it still has the role of indoctrination. The project is designed to guide people to better understand themselves, and how to better self presentation, while enjoying the creation of happiness.


If you happen to be in Columbo, Ohio recently, you can go to the City Convention Center and experience the charm of the 3D head.

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