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Sitting on trillions of markets! LED intelligent lighting development quickly

- Oct 25, 2017 -

         LED lighting integrated visible light communication brings the "green lighting + Green + oplink communication universe" concept, with energy saving and environmental protection, no electromagnetic radiation, anti electromagnetic interference, wider application, will bring trillion market size. Whether it is intelligent lighting, visible light communication, or the Internet of things, vehicle networking and so on, with the rhythm of the times, the development of science and technology and innovative changes.


        LED intelligent lighting market volume growth momentum

      In recent years, "energy-saving emission reduction, sustainable development" has become the main theme of the future development, in this context, LED lighting with its unique energy saving, environmental protection, and thus attracted much attention. At the same time, with the introduction of intelligent, smart life concept, LED intelligent lighting has attracted more and more attention. According to the relevant data show that the market penetration of intelligent lighting is still less than 2%, the market outlook is worth looking forward to. Up to now, there are hundreds of "smart city" pilot, the relevant intelligent lighting demand is still maintained a strong growth trend.          

       At the CEBIT exhibition in Hannover, Germany in 2016, HUAWEI released the so-called first multilevel intelligent control lighting networking solution, which can save 80% of the electricity consumption. ZTE has not let alone, so that the exhibition will introduce the industry's leading collection of street lights, charging piles, base stations, smart city information collection as one of the "Blue Pillar" smart street light integrated solutions......          

      Intelligent lighting because of the huge volume of the market, whether industrial grade street lamps, buildings, landscape lighting or consumer level household lighting, have a broad market base. According to the statistics of the international climate organization, the number of global street lamps is about 304 million, and it will reach 352 million in 2025.          

      It is predicted that by 2019, the intelligent lighting system using the Internet of things technology will bring about 550 billion dollars in software and services for the industry, while the hardware sales revenue is only $50 billion. The Internet of things technology can connect all kinds of lighting equipment and lamps with intelligent network, so as to save as much as 80% of the electricity consumption.          

      Although the current smart light control has not yet formed a large-scale national consumer market, but the main manufacturers comply with the trend, continuous efforts, you can develop more close to the actual needs of the excellent products. It was pointed out that the smart lighting is just unfolding, excellent wisdom, the wisdom of the city, Home Furnishing access networking, it contains enormous energy, will not only bring innovation to the entire lighting industry, will also have a great impact on the lighting industry.

Visible light communication technology will be spawned a large number of related emerging industries

     The term "visible light communication" (VLC) is believed to be no stranger to many people. It is understood that the visible light communication technology from the laboratory to reality and formally put into production, so it is not difficult to foresee, application prospect in various fields are also considerable, with visible light communication technology for the industrial production of technology will be the development of space can not be estimated.          

     According to industry experts, due to the high reliability, no mercury emissions and without interference of visible light communication, can be widely used in spacecraft, hospitals and nuclear power stations, military and other sensitive areas of the electromagnetic field of information security, marine and other extreme environment. In smart city, smart home and so on, visible light communication has a very broad prospects for development. At present, the European visible light communication industry is growing rapidly at a rate of 87.31% per year.           I

     n contrast, the development of visible light communication technology in China at present, visible light communication technology will mainly focus on the mining industry, medical and other requirements are more sensitive to electromagnetic niche, but as a trillion value of strategic emerging industries, visible light communication technology on its upstream and downstream industries have a tremendous influence, will give rise to a large number of related to this emerging industry.          

     According to reports, the industrialization of visible light communication technology will also make great contributions to the development of smart cities in recent years. The smart city construction based on the Internet of things will make the society truly move towards low carbon and energy saving, and reduce carbon emissions by 15% to 35%. The visible light communication technology system will become an important part of the smart city. Studies have shown that by 2018, the popularity of semiconductor lighting will reach 80%, so the research and development of visible light communication based on LED will undoubtedly have a broad application prospect.

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