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Scientists have developed a new breeding technique and can significantly increase production by using a specific wavelength LED lamp

- Jan 06, 2018 -

         In the era of rapid population growth, food supply has also become a major concern for the interests of all. Researchers expect the earth's population to increase by 2 billion more by the year 2050, but there will be little change in the area of cultivated land. In view of this, scientists can only try to improve the grain production per unit area. For decades, Yuan Longping and other researchers have been fighting to raise the forefront of hybrid rice production.           

        Recently, University of Sydney, University of Queensland, and John should be in the center of the team of scientists Jonas "natural plant" (Nature Plants) published a study called NASA, inspired by the development of a new technology of self reference "wheat breeding and rapid increase of the space age".           

        On the basis of a space food production experiment carried out more than 10 years ago by NASA, the technology relies on a strong lighting mechanism to improve the growth and health level of crops. In view of the fact that the growth of crops on the earth's greenhouse is better, scientists have thought of using low cost, specific wavelength LED lamps to irradiate crops to promote photosynthesis.


        With the help of well-designed lighting devices, the research team can produce six seasons of wheat, chickpea, barley and four generation rapeseed crops in a year. In contrast, the common greenhouses can only cultivate crops in the 2~3 season each year.


                               Dr. Lee Hickey the in the greenhouse in view of crop condition.

        It is reported that the technology is also suitable for peanuts, amaranth, lentil and other crops, sunflower, pepper and radish are also very promising. Hickey said: "we are using the high pressure sodium vapor lamp in the greenhouse, which is quite expensive in terms of electricity demand."           

        In the paper, they proved that wheat and barley can be grown in 900 strains of /m - density, which combines the LED lighting system. This is an exciting opportunity to promote it to industrialized large-scale planting.           

        Hickey also pointed out that the rapid breeding technology can not only increase the production of farmers, but also improve the quality of the crops. The research team compared the characteristics of plants, and compared with those grown under conventional greenhouse, the tiller number and yield per panicle increased significantly under the new technology.           

        Dr. Wulff pointed out that, although previously has been able to so quickly produces grain, but the yield of crops and health has been a "contradictive" problem. But compared to the standard conditions, the new technology has been able to do both.


                                                Dr. Brande Wulff from the John Innes center.

        He laughed at the fact that when a colleague witnessed for the first time, he couldn't believe such a good result: "fast breeding is a technology different from transgenic technology, which is good news for people who cannot accept genetically modified organisms".           

        But the team also mentioned the fact that new technology is compatible with transgene in the paper. Dr. Wulff believes that if we can combine CRISPR gene technology, we will get more benefits.           

        The details of the study have been published in the recently published journal Nature Plants. The original title is: "Speed breeding is a powerful tool to accelerate crop research and breeding".

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