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Lighting industry is confronted with a strong attack on laser lighting

- Jan 15, 2018 -

     Recently, it is reported that new laser light source has been developed successfully, and it is expected to use high brightness street lighting.

     It is known that the laser illumination efficiency of the technology is 100 times more than that of LED, which not only increases the projection distance of light source, but also has smaller volume and more compact structure. The national patent optical fiber transmission technology is used to transmit laser light source, so that the efficiency of the laser street lamp sample being tested is two times higher than that of the traditional LED lamp.


      At present, the light source lighting technology of the laser light source is still in the late stage of research and development. Once the technology has been tested and applied, or will completely replace the LED street lighting, it will open a new era of street lighting. And the technology still hopes to replace all the light source technology in the lighting area. Once the development is applied, the market will be broad.

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