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LED circle a week's wonderful playback: the technology show is still one of the themes

- Jan 29, 2018 -

LED lights embedded in the pavement when the new direction of the zebra: revealing the wisdom of the city

       The new pavement British company Umbrellium and auto insurer DirectLine jointly developed a new embedded LED lights, LED lights traffic system of the embedded pavement has been put into trial in London, can detect pedestrians and other vehicles, and according to the real-time traffic lights and road line change signal, remind the driver of possible danger. In particular, when pedestrians or bicycles appear in the blind area of the car driver's sight, the road will show a red light warning.

India traffic police uniforms for new clothes, to protect the safety of LED light source

       In order to ensure the safety of the traffic police, India Calcutta police recently replaced by LED light loading uniforms, uniforms, make driving at night or during the rain is more likely to pay attention to direct traffic on the road in the staff. It is reported that the designer will ring lamp device composed of red LED and blue LED in the current India military badges, there have been 1000, and in order to enhance the safety of the traffic police, the future will be issued to the 3000 traffic team personnel.

Taiwan. ITRI developed the optical membrane assisted skin lock collagen, LED Mask Upgrade

       Recently Taiwan ITRI makes LED mask and then upgrade the world first R & D film, using ultrathin films and micro nano optical transfer of proprietary technology, so full of red LED 48 630nm can be irradiated evenly on the face, and the light film LED configuration also avoid the eye, reduce the risk of eye irritation.

* LED voice mask, Duorenyanqiu

       Recently, a voice control mask designed for music lovers has appeared on Kickstarter, a famous foreign crowd raising website. It can transform different colors with music rhythm.

       The secret of the LED mask's luminescence is the use of a material called phosphor ink (phosphorusink), which is the same as the materials used in luminous watches. At the same time, the lithium modulator (lithiummodulator) can transform acoustic waves into programmed luminous patterns.

This optical communication technology breakthrough, the advent of the first LiFiLED lighting panel

       The new generation of optical communication is wireless optical communication (LiFi) technology, LED light, infrared or near ultraviolet as the transmission medium. Combined with the dual use of lighting technology and communication, it is expected to become an indispensable technology of smart home. Compared with WiFi technology, the transmission speed of LiFi is faster, and can avoid the interference of electromagnetic wave, and recently LiFi technology and breakthrough, American company VLNComm developed the first LiFiLED lighting panel, and in this year's consumer electronics show exhibition.

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