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How much money can be saved by replacing it with LED? Look at the data of WAL-MART and Taiwan street lights

- Jan 22, 2018 -

        WAL-MART saves $more than 100 million in 1 million 500 thousand LED lamps in the global device

        Recently, the retail giant WAL-MART announced that WAL-MART's lighting plan for Current cooperation with GE has expanded to more than 6000 stores, parking lots, distribution centers and offices in many countries. As part of a continuing commitment to energy efficiency, WAL-MART has saved $more than 100 million in energy costs by installing more than 1 million 500 thousand LED lamps around the world.


         WAL-MART's energy efficiency milestone results were announced at the 2018 the National Retail Federation 's Big Show' held in New York. The exhibition is very famous in the global retail industry.

          WAL-MART energy vice president Mark Vanderhelm said in a statement: "energy is a major operational expense. We can reduce energy costs and provide system upgrading to improve customer shopping experience." "The chain reaction caused by the LED replacement in the entire industry is really shocking," he said. We believe that by continuing to reduce one of our biggest operational expenses, we can continue to promote future innovation and fulfill our commitment to parity.


       WAL-MART and GE have a long history of cooperation, and the two sides have developed a variety of lighting products to meet the needs of WAL-MART. WAL-MART took the lead in the use of LED system in the retail environment. In 2005, WAL-MART and GE jointly launched the LED freezer scheme, which is the first example ever since, and has been developed into the parking lot and indoor lighting. WAL-MART has been active in action, 2014 in the United States distribution center (new shopping malls, stores in major Asian and Latin American and British ASDA supermarket distribution center) 100% to complete the transformation and LED controller, and a new measure, namely LED to replace the ceiling lamps and all other forms of.


      "Walmart is setting a good example for the retail sector," says Maryrose Sylvester, Current President and chief executive of GE."We believe that the transformation of the global LED and LED controller will pave the way for the next generation of smart retail, and the steady progress of the new digital solutions will continue to improve the shopping experience.Wal-mart is again in the lead.

       Since 2010, the energy consumption per square foot of WAL-MART has been reduced by more than 12%. Its LED investment is part of WAL-MART's science based emission reduction plan. It aims to achieve the goal of reducing 18% carbon emissions in 2025 (from 2015) by improving energy efficiency, purchasing renewable energy and improving refrigeration technology.


      Curent has been concerned about the process of digital LED lighting, intelligent control, intelligent infrastructure, Curent's customers include: Wall Green (Walgreens), Simon (Simon Property Group real estate group), Hilton (Hilton Worldwide), the global JP Morgan (JPMorgan Chase), American Hospital Corp (HCA), Intel (Intel) and Ingersoll (Ingersoll Rand Rand), Trane (Trane). In addition, Current is also working with companies such as T & T and ShotSpotter to cooperate with smart cities.

     Taiwan 100 thousand LED street lamp annual province 180 million yuan


    In order to reduce carbon emissions and by the full subsidy, the Changhua county government to fully implement the "Taiwan plan" in the street lamp mercury lamp has 100 thousand towns, nearly all the replacement for the LED lights, the annual energy-saving more than 123 million 170 thousand kwh, electricity consumption of 33 thousand and 700 households is 1 years, the conversion can save 182 million 130 thousand yuan.


        Changhua County near the 100 thousand street lights have been replaced with LED lights (Wu Minjing photo)


        Changhua county magistrate Wei Minggu said that in order to reduce energy consumption, ensure the sustainable development of Changhua county environment, and comprehensively improve the level of use of roads at all levels in Changhua County, we should carry out a comprehensive replacement operation. County Public Works Director Lin Hanbin said that the use of the mercury lamp, the only advantage of cheap, but large power consumption, fast decay, lack of illumination, with the security worries of passers-by, and mercury lamp mercury lamp to replace down pollution.

        Wei Minggu pointed out that the LED street lamps not only consume less electricity, have high luminous efficiency, and have plenty of illumination, but also have no pollution problems in the use of roads. In the county for the central subsidy funds, public works Department will start actively, for mercury lamps installed within the LED street, the end of last year has been fully completed, the total installed nearly 100 thousand LED street lights.

        The maintenance department maintenance chief Zhou Guangxu pointed out that 26 of the county town and township in Yuanlin litigation hall to Taiwan, will lead to the losing and suspended cable, also Xixiang offices and vendors to sign mining composite metal lamps, 1, the 2 phase of the project total investment of more than 900 million 4 thousand yuan, a total of 98 thousand and 226 sets of replacement.

        Public Works Department said the plan change LED lamp, through the national standards of the Republic of China the whole series of experiments, all LED lamps and accessories from the acceptance date, there are more than 5 years warranty, besides avoiding frequent replacement of mercury lamp problems, can also reduce the cost of daily maintenance.

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