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Global plant growth lamp market hot, UL certification and structure requirements you know how much?

- Nov 27, 2017 -

    According to the latest research results of market research organization Technavio, it is predicted that by 2020, the global market value of plant growth lamp will exceed 3 billion US dollars, and will increase by 12% in 2016 and 2020. Among them, LED growth lamp market will reach 1 billion 900 million US dollars, the annual compound growth rate is more than 25%.

    With the continuous upgrading of LED products technology, the continuous introduction of new products, UL standards are also constantly updated according to new products and new technology changes. The rapid growth of the global Horticultural Luminaires farm lighting / plant growth lamp has penetrated into the Chinese market. UL released the first version of the plant growth light standard UL8800 in May 4, 2017, which includes lighting equipment installed in accordance with the American electrical method and used in horticultural environment.


      Like other traditional UL standards, this standard also includes the following parts: 1, parts, 2, terminology, 3, structure, 4, for personal injury protection, 5, test, 6, nameplate and instruction manual.


     1, structure

     The structure is based on UL1598, and needs to achieve the following:

     If the lamp housing or baffle is plastic, and the shells are exposed to sunlight or light, the plastic used in accordance with the requirements of UL1598 16.5.5 or UL 746C. should have UV resistance parameters (that is, (F1)).



      When connected to the power supply network, it must be connected in accordance with the specified connection mode.

      The following connections are available:

      According to UL1598 6.15.2, you can use metal hose connection

      At least of the hard-service type, such as SJO, SJT, SJTW and so on, can not be more than 4.5m

      The flexible cable connection with plug (NEMA specification) can be used

      You can connect it with a dedicated wiring system

      When there is a connection structure between the light and the lamp, the plug and terminal structure of the secondary connection can not be the same as the primary.


     The ground pin or insert of the plug or socket with the ground wire needs the ground wire to be connected first.



     2, the use of environment

     Must be Damp wet or Wet outdoors

     3 、 IP54 dustproof and waterproof grade

     The installation instructions must reflect the use of the environment, and requires at least IP54 dust control and waterproof level (according to IEC60529).

     When the lamp is in an environment of wet location (at least subjected to rain or water splash), it is located in the environment where it is subjected to rain or splash and suffers from dust. It is necessary to have dust proof and waterproof grade, at least IP54.




      4, lamps can not emit harmful to human body light

      According to IEC62471 non-GLS (general lighting services), it is necessary to evaluate the biosafety level of all light waves within the wavelength range of 280-1400nm from the luminaire 20cm. (Risk Group 0 (Exempt), Risk Group 1, or Risk Group 2 are required to evaluate the biosafety level; if the alternative light source of the luminaire is a fluorescent lamp or HID, there is no need to evaluate the biosafety level.



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