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Chinese LED lights are popular all over the world: half of the U.S. sales make them cheaper to celebrate holidays!

- Oct 27, 2017 -

       In the middle of October, lamps from ancient oriental China shone brilliantly in the southern hemisphere Sydney. From Sichuan Zigong traditional lanterns, across the sea, let people understand the exotic Chinese lighting art, and was greatly.

Not only the traditional lamps, recently, some foreign users in social media uploaded a video that introduces a LED fan "cool" from China products -- 3D effect. Video out, that has attracted many users have to inquire where to buy.

       In fact, China's lamps sell overseas is not new. In 2016, China's LED lighting products in total exports amounted to nearly $10 billion 600 million, of which, LED bulb lamp exports ranked first, $1 billion 120 million; followed by the lamp, exports of $820 million; in third is light, exports amounted to $670 million. The latest statistics show that from 1 to August this year, China's total exports of LED lighting products amounted to 8 billion 200 million U. s.dollars.

According to the statistics on cross-border electricity lighting sales situation in our country, the electronic business platform selling category includes lamps spotlights, LED lamp, lamp, chandelier, mini flashlight, stage lamp, lamp, lamp, solar lamps and lighting accessories etc..

       LED fan with the previously mentioned comparable, "" ceiling fan light equipped with ceiling fan ("lamp") has a very strong demand in foreign markets. Behind the exuberant demand is considerable profits. In an electronic business platform, Zhongshan Ancient Town, Guangdong, a ceiling fan seller told reporters, in cross-border e-commerce platform, the profit margins of such lamps as high as 170%. "Just sent the product up, and the order came. It was unbelievable." The seller said. LED lights sell well

       The Chinese exudes Oriental light lamp, are what countries bought? Data show that at present, the largest seller Chinese lamps include the United States, Canada, Britain, Holland, Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico and New Zealand, among them, China chandelier is more popular in the United States, the United States accounted for almost half of all buyers buyers the. Hot single products for LED lighting products. Data show that, in foreign countries, the use of LED energy-saving lamps has become a trend. According to the industry forecast, in 2017, China's LED bulb enterprises profit level has greatly improved, this year the export price of this category is expected to be higher than last year.

       Interestingly, foreign buyers bought the Chinese LED lights, in addition to the "law-abiding" of traditional products, there are a lot of cool new products. Besides LED fans, LED luminous running shoes are also very popular. "Chinese products are full of imagination." A foreign netizen commented this way. Foreigners enjoy Chinese lanterns for holidays

During the Spring Festival in 2017, the count manor in London was decorated like a fantasy park by traditional lanterns from Yiwu, china. It is understood that in London, in order to celebrate the Chinese new year, this is known as the "luxury audio-visual feast" Lantern Festival has become a routine action".

       In foreign countries, Chinese lights are not only Chinese festivals, but also Christmas, Halloween and their own "foreign festival"". Some people jokingly said: if there is no Chinese lights, the American Christmas tree will not light up. Inexpensive Chinese lanterns, not only decorated the festival of foreigners, but also allows them to "cheaper holidays."". Data show that last year, the United States Halloween spending 9 billion 100 million U.S. dollars, buy all are made in China, including Chinese lights.

       Halloween is approaching, the reporter saw many supermarkets in Beijing, plastic pumpkin lights, lights and other lighting products have been on shelves. In a supermarket, a consumer who was buying a pumpkin lamp for a child saw a product tag and told reporters, "this is Yiwu, and my family's Halloween in New York last year.". There is a shop in New York, which opens shop on Halloween and closes it in a month. It's no exaggeration to say that everything sold in it is made in china. At that time, I bought a few pumpkin lights are produced in Yiwu, so in the country to see the new Yiwu pumpkin lamp, the feeling is also very exciting, wonderful."

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